It all started with an idea conceived by Jim Provost and Sam French in 1965 as they journeyed up to Dublin on the train while playing a game of chess.

Chess on a Train
Greystones Art Group Annual Exhibition

Together with Jack Sutton, Dr Ryan Tittle, Angela Devereux and Marian Fagan, the two progressed their idea and proceeded to form the Greystones Art Group in 1965.

The main purpose of the group was to encourage amateur artists and advance artistic knowledge and skills through on-going lectures and demonstrations.

Greystones Art Group’s early meetings were held in The Burnaby Hotel, whilst the Grill Room in the hotel exhibited some fantastic pictures. (The hotel is now The Burnaby Pub.)

Annual Exhibitions took place in the wonderful St Patrick’s Hall on Kimberly Road. In 2005 the group moved to the new St. Patrick’s Worship and Recreation Center on Church Road.

Greystones Annual Exhibition's in the Early Days.

The next move came in 2016, to the beautiful surroundings of Charlesland Golf Club, followed by the current location, the Community Centre in Kilcoole.

In 2014 The Greystones Art Group became a registered charity (RCN 20071288). One of the charity’s objectives is to ‘benefit the community of Greystones and surrounding areas by providing financial assistance to local charitable institutions‘.

Greystones Art Group Tiglin Fund Raiser

Through the sale of catalogues, raffle tickets and art sale contributions, the Group was able to contribute to charities such as Peacehaven, Tiglin, Bray Women’s Refuge and Greystones Cancer Support.

One of the events the Greystones Art Group has been involved in, was ‘Culture Night‘.
The initial project produced a wonderful mural as a result of a public paint-in which was proudly displayed in the Meridian Point Center.

(Painting of Meridian Centre by Avril Price.)

Painting of meridian centre by Avril Gallagher
Greystones Art Group - New World Virtual Exhibition 2021

The second project produced lots of mysterious figures and faces. These were dotted high in the trees along Church Road, to create a spectacular view.

(Painting ‘Revealing 1’ by Ruthie Ashenhurst)

The list of talented artists invited by the Greystones Art Group to give talks, demonstrations or workshop is long and varied. Below are a few of the names that delighted our members over the years.

  • Niamh Harding (Watercolour)
  • Breeda O’Reilly (Pastel)
  • Brendan Hayes (Acrylic)
  • John Keating (Watercolour)
  • Tom Roche (Oil)
  • Stanley Pettigrew


  • Promilla Luthra Shaw (Pastel)
  • Maeve Spotswood (Porcelain)
  • Robert Harcus (Oil)
  • Anne Blayney (Watercolour)
  • Olivia Hayes (Watercolour)


  • Jim Reddy (Palette knife)
  • Niamh Harding Miller (Acrylic)
  • Pat O Breartuin (Oil)
  • Vincent Lamb (Watercolour)
  • Olivia Hayes (Watercolour)
  • Harri McManus (Oil)
  • Val Byrne (Watercolour)
  • Fergal Flanagan (Oils)
  • Avril Price Gallagher (Oils)
  • Ruthie Ashenhurst (Pastel)
  • William Moore (Watercolour)
  • Thomas Wilson (Watercolours)


  • Brien Vahey (Oil)
  • Yanny Petters (Watercolour)
  • Valerie McGurdy (Silk painting)
  • Ronald Byrne (Watercolour)
  • Cabrinie Lynch (Composition)
  • Maurice Fitgerald (Pencil)


  • Eoin O’Connor (Acrylic)
  • Laillie de Buitlear (Talk)
  • Promilla Luthra Shaw (Pastels)
  • Olivia Hayes (Watercolour)
  • Jim Reddy (Palette knife)
  • Cathy Henderson (Oil)
  • Val Byrne (Oil)
  • Tom Roche (Watercolour)
  • Breeda Reilly (Pastel)
  • Kate Boyle (Portraiture)
  • Tanya Kiang (Photography)
  • Niamh Harding Miller (Watercolour)
  • Paul Flynn (Oil)


  • Roisin Kennedy (Jack B Yeats)
  • Olivia Hayes (Watercolour)
  • Patrick Cahill (Oil)
  • Michael Gemmel (Abstract)
  • Susan Webb (Landscapes)
  • Fergal McCabe (Pen & Ink)
  • Fiana Griffin (James Barry)


  • Kate Bedell (Watercolour)
  • Peter Hanan (Portraiture)
  • Pat O Breartuin (Acrylics)
  • Vincent Lambe (Watercolour)
  • Tom Sctoo (Oil)
  • Debbie Chapman (Pastel)
  • Promilla Luthra Shaw (Pastel)

A selection of photographs taken at various occasions of workshops, demo and plein-air sessions.