Adrienne Southern

Adrienne Southern Ladies in Lockdown Summer 2020

How did you get into art / have you always been painting?

I loved it when was at school, always loved it. Over the years I went to evening classes, starting off with watercolours. Then, nearly 30 years ago now, I started morning classes in Bray with Annette Vella, a wonderful teacher, where I stayed for a number of years. I really enjoyed the mixed media options there. When Annette moved to teach the art portfolio course, I started art classes (again in Bray) with teacher Niamh Harding Miller. That’s when I started oil painting.

What medium/media do you use?

I loved mixed media and still do a little bit of that now and again. (Acrylic paint, velvet, beads, chicken wire, nylon, anything.) I made a Klimt inspired work, using paint and threads, etc. I loved doing that.
So, I started with water colours, continued with oils, mixed in a little mixed media, but now I use mostly oils. Although I’ll try my hand at acrylics as well.

What are your favourite subjects?

I don’t have one set rule or one set style. Anything that catches my eye. I’ve tried my hand at portraits, still life, anything to do with the sea. Colour catches my eye.

Where do you get your inspiration?

If you walk around and look, you see the colours, interesting buildings, people, flowers. Whatever life is around you.

Is there anything in particular you like to communicate through your art ?

I just want to produce something lovely, do some experimentation, try something different, learn from my mistakes. But not in particular to convey any message. Not trying to express myself or a particular meaning, just reflecting life around me.

When and why did you join the Greystones Art Group?

I joined around 30 years ago. When I first came to Greystones, I went to see an art exhibition held by G.A.G. I also went to classes with an existing G.A.G. member and met some other artists. And here’s the group, so it was just another step on my path of loving painting. Painting is inside me, it’s another aspect of who I am.

Do you take commissions?

Not really.

Are you working on any special projects? (e.g. exhibitions, commission, etc.)

I’m just working away, no particular project. Although I like taking part in local exhibitions, like Delgany and the Plaza Market in Greystones, I’m possibly preparing for those.

Instagram: adrienne.southern.1