Fra Angelico

Biddy Scott, a talented, accomplished and exhibiting artist, treated us to a very exciting art history evening about Fra Angelico, Dominican friar and Italian painter of the Early Renaissance (born Guido di Pietro, c. 1395-Feb 18, 1455).

Fra Angelico completed one of his most famous works, the San Marco Altarpiece at Florence. Commissioned by one of the Medicis, the painting was completed sometime between 1438 and 1443.

The main panel depicts the enthroned Virgin and Child, surrounded by Angels and Saints. The two side panels depicted saints, along with nine predella panels, narrating the legend of the patron saints.

Biddy explained how the style of these paintings – grouped in a very natural way – was a very unusual approach at the time.
One of the predella panels (Saint Cosmas and Damian and their Brothers Surviving the Stake) can be seen in the National Gallery in Dublin.

Biddy has an amazing knowledge around the subject. Such a treat to be presented with lots of background images and explanations of figures and symbols, whilst being able to ask all our questions. A well-attended and very lively evening, opening up a totally new subject for most of us. (Presentation on Monday March 27, 2023)